Commercial Focus Advisory Services

Commercial Focus Advisory Services

About our Senior Advisors

We provide Full Service Real Estate Consulting Services from "Main Street to Bay Street".

We are in the custom solution business. We take time to understand your issues and challenges. We customize our approach and solutions to your unique environment and real estate asset.
We work in partnership with our clients. Transfer of knowledge and skills is an important value-added service that our clients receive. This is accomplished through an “action learning” approach to consulting. Instead of the traditional top-down approach, we work hand-in-hand with our clients, on the ground. We are committed to developing solutions with you – not imposing pre-determined models on you.

We provide access to senior resources at competitive rates. When you choose Commercial Focus Advisory Services because of the experience and knowledge of our team members, that’s what you’ll get. Our expertise will not disappear after the sale is complete. Our partners and senior staff work with our clients during all stages of the consulting assignment – from assessment to solution delivery.

We demonstrate accountability for results. Our consulting assignments are focused and directed to ensure that projects are completed on time, on budget, and deliver intended benefits to our clients. Our starting point for all engagements to understand how our clients would define project success, and to develop outcome measures and project control mechanisms to ensure that goal is achieved.

We cover the country like no other firm. With affiliate offices (Commerical Focus Advisory Services is an affiliate of RE/MAX Commercial Focus Inc.) in large and mid-size communities across the country, we offer our clients an informed perspective on the local economy, local market, combined with a national perspective on real estate issues and trends. Our membership in an international network of Re/Max offices in over 41 countries broadens our scope to include the world.

When selecting technical experts for our consulting team, we look for a balance between consulting and industry experiences and skills. This means that our assessments, advice and recommendations are practical and workable.