Commercial Focus Advisory Services

Commercial Focus Advisory Services

CFAS has been retained by S R & R Developments

CFAS has been retained by S R & R Developments to provide advisory services for the redevelopment of a +-10 Acre site situated on the south side of Highway 401 at Liverpool Road, near Frenchman's Bay on the Lake Ontario Waterfront.

It is in the heart of Pickering directly across the road from the GO Transit Station and just south of Pickering Town Centre. The subject site is on the south side of Bayly Street to the wet of the Douglas Ravine, east to St. Martin's Drive overlooking . The site currently contains a struggling neighborhood shopping centre, Bay Ridges Plaza.

The three phased redevelopment timing will be determined by market parameters with:

  • Phase one consisting of: 255,754 Sq. Feet (23,760.3 sq.m), consisting of mediium density town housing, consisting of back to back, street and live work town housing units;
  • Phase 2 will consist of an 18 storey residential condominium and a 2 storey retail/amenity area. Phase two consists of 42,075 Sq. Feet (3,908 sq.m) of residential;
  • Phase three is 6,911.8 sq.m (255,754 sq. ft) of an 16 storey residential condominium. In Total, the redevelopment will consist of around 563 dwelling units and u pwards of 20,000 sq feet of commercial land use. The redevelopment reflects the latest Paradigm of Land Use Planning, being Transit Oriented Development.