Commercial Focus Advisory Services

Commercial Focus Advisory Services

Feasibilty Analysis

Feature Sheet 1: Market And Feasibility Study

Government of Ontario: 5000 Yonge Street Project, North York, Ontario

  • Determined market requirements and absorption schedules for the office, retail and residential condominium components of a two-million square foot development in Metropolitan Toronto;
  • Analyzed the projected economic returns to the developer, and calculated the highest land value for receipt by the government;
  • Established the terms of reference and the instruments of the proposal call process.

Local Development Company: Urban Redevelopment Project, City of York, Ontario

  • Evaluated current retail activity in the existing retail base, in order to assess whether the proposed commercial/residential development would impact on existing retail activity. The existing retail mix, sales productivity levels and consumer shopping patterns were identified by means of in-depth consumer shopping pattern and expenditure surveys, retail floor space inventories and statistical analyses of consumer income and expenditure levels.
  • Conducted a market analysis of the potential retail mix and acquisition of market share of the retail component of a major commercial/residential development.
  • Recommended a retail tenant mix that would serve the needs of the trade area and strengthen the existing retail base.
  • Calculated the potential impact on municipal finances attributable to the residential component of the development.

Feature Sheet 2: Market and Feasibility Study

Local Development Company: Market Analysis and Marketing Plan for a Business Park, Brampton, Ontario

  • Conducted a market analysis of successful competitive business parks in Southwestern Ontario, identifying site, locational and market considerations;
  • Recommended a progressive marketing plan for the proposed development reflective of its excellent site location and market position.

Local Development Company: Retail Market Analysis for a Community Shopping Centre, Southwestern Ontario

  • Determined trade area for existing downtown retail facilities;
  • Analyzed existing consumer expenditure patterns;
  • Estimated potential capture of surplus expenditures;
  • Recommended supportable development floor area and impact on existing retailers.

Local Development Company: Retail Analysis for a Discount/Factory Outlet Mall, Georgetown, Ontario

  • Developed a project concept that fit within the local retail fabric;
  • Analyzed local market conditions and income/population/expenditure patterns;
  • Forecasted expenditure capture levels and potential supportable retail floor area.

Feature Sheet 3: Market and Feasibility

Local Development Company: Retail Market Analysis for Home Improvement Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

  • Analyzed local market conditions, consumer income and expenditure patterns and existing retail activity to determine market potential for a home improvement centre/wholesale lumber operation;
  • Recommended a retail development strategy for the proposed centre, including proposed size, product lines and target markets.

Mount Sinai Hospital: Retail Facility Feasibility Study, Toronto, Ontario

  • Conducted in-depth surveys of hospital staff, patients, visitors and the public at large to determine demand by retail type and product line;
  • Recommended an appropriate retail mix to serve the needs of the diverse market segments;
  • Created design concept plans to incorporate the new retail component on the ground floor premises of the hospital;
  • Evaluated the financial returns of the development concept, under various leasing and participation arrangements.

Feature Sheet 4: Market and Feasibilty Study

Local Development Company: Revitalization of Prominent Historical Building, City of Ottawa, Ontario

  • Conducted a market analysis of the optimum office and retail use of a landmark site in the central area of the Capital;
  • Evaluated existing retail activity and infrastructure in the central city;
  • Recommended the most appropriate and productive retail mix for the site, to reflect its landmark status, to ensure the development would complement the existing retail base, and to promote and strengthen the downtown area;
  • Recommended a unique commercial formula to achieve the development objectives of the developer and the National Capital Commission.

Local Development Company: Urban Infill Project, Toronto, Ontario

  • Conducted a market analysis of an urban development project in a fashionable entertainment and retail district in the City of Toronto;
  • Prepared a five-year projection of cash flows from operations.