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Commercial Focus Advisory Services

Infrastructure Planning & Development

Consulting Solutions For Infrastructure And Asset Management

Research, knowledge, experience, and advice... these factors are essential for making informed decisions. In asset management, they can mean the difference between success and failure, making money and losing it. Whether you are an entrepreneurial developer looking to launch a new project, a member of a financial institution looking to finance an infrastructure project, or a government agency looking for a new service delivery model, these same factors apply. Commercial Focus Advisory Service's complement of experienced professionals have the knowledge and experience you need. Coupled with thorough research and practical advice, our professionals can help you make informed decisions on how to embrace change.

Know the Industry

Commercial Focus Advisory Services Inc. has served as investment, planning and development advisors to crown corporations, all levels of government and the private development and financial services industries across Canada. Our advice has covered all stages of the development planning process from feasibility studies to selling assets.

Know the Market

Market knowledge is paramount to informed decision-making. Commercial Focus Advisory Services Inc. have experience working in both small and large centers, and thus have a sound understanding of the dynamics of both Main Street and Bay Street. We provide market-oriented pragmatic advice that meets the highest standards of lending institutions, investment groups, developers and public decision-making bodies.

Take a Personal/Practical Approach

Commercial Focus Advisory Services Inc. professionals pride themselves on taking a personal approach to client service. We couple this approach with accessible, practical, real-time and real world advice. The end result is value-added CFAS service.

Scope of Consulting Services

When a prospective client calls regarding an asset development or planning challenge, CFAS professionals are able to provide assistance throughout the project life cycle. Commercial Focus Advisory Services Inc. has the necessary senior personnel to assist clients at all stages of the development process and within every sector of the industry. We offer the following services:

  • Planning studies and development strategies
  • Market and feasibility studies
  • Financial impact analysis
  • Asset management strategies
  • Financing strategies
  • Public/private sector partnering strategies
  • Proposal call design management and evaluation
  • Economic development strategies
  • Privatization of public assets
  • Strategy development and analysis
  • Disposition advisory services
  • Project monitoring services
  • Due diligence
  • Environmental impact analysis of infrastructure development
  • Strategic communication and stakeholder management
  • Peer reviews
  • Value for money analysis

A Full Range of Services Beyond Consulting

As a full-service consulting firm, we can draw upon a broad range of professional and support staff from strategic office locations in Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia and British Columbia and beyond. Consequently, we can assemble a Project Team to address our client's needs efficiently and effectively.

Broad Experience

Examples of recent engagements our staff have carried out include:

  • formulating an asset management strategy for the government in New Brunswick, exploring public/private sector partnerships ;
  • as proposal manager, lead a large multidisciplinary technical team for a joint venture of American Water Works, Anglian Water, and Agra Inc. for the Privatization of the South Peel Sewer and Water System ($300 Million/ 10 year term);
  • feasibility analysis of port privatization--conducting a competitive market analysis and advice on asset positioning in the Caribbean market place of the Bridgetown Port in Barbados;
  • conducted an operational review of Asset Management/Land Use Practices for the Northwest Territories, and addressed alternative delivery systems;
  • for the Water and Sewerage Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, provided strategy for the integration of separate sewerage systems and alternative service delivery mechanisms;
  • as proposal manager, led a multidisciplinary technical team for Agra Inc. and Bio Gro Division of Wheelabrator Water Technologies for the beneficial use of 53,000 dry tones/year of biosolids, utilizing pelletization technologies;
  • provided feasibility studies and alternative financing strategies for the Karachi Convertible Transit Way of a $450 million Infrastructure Project of the World Bank;
  • for a Crown Corporation conducted an assessment to ascertain the highest and best use of all the real property assets and developed a disposition strategy for surplus lands;
  • formulated a disposition strategy for 2100-Acre Comprehensive Unit Development Adjacent to Walt Disney in Orlando;
  • developed public/private sector partnerships for the Barbados Coastal Zone Management Strategy and Pilot Projects;
  • prepared a sub regional strategy for infrastructure development and public/private sector collaboration in the Ataturk Dam Region for the Prime Ministry of The Republic of Turkey;
  • participated in the preparation of a BOT proposal for the Moncton Fredericton Highway Construction--a $560 Million highway construction program;
  • participated in the feasibility study of a public-private partnership to provide a $300 million light rail transit line operating within an existing railway corridor from Union Station to the International Airport in Toronto;
  • provided senior technical advice to a foreign government on the development of a US $800 million infrastructure concession project;
  • For the $200 million York Rapid Transit Project (VIVA), our personnel provided strategic input into the Environmental Assessment Programme, and into the innovative funding and financing initiatives (e.g. TIF Initiatives and Joint Development);
  • As members of a multi-disciplinary team in France and Sweden, advised a division of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) through a series of studies on the organization of urban regions to manage significant growth and infrastructure expansion;
  • On behalf of the British Commonwealth Secretariat and the Government of the Northwest Provinces of South Africa, carried out a detailed analysis of the public service needs in the Province and developed and designed a system of local governance and administration to facilitate the establishment of public order and economic development;
  • In UAE/Kuwait/Bahrain, consulted to a Canadian Real Estate Finance Company and conducted negotiations with Financial Institutions on joint venture opportunities;
  • For the Dominion Habitat Infrastructure Group, prepared a plan and financial proposal for GO Transit to redevelop a 22 acre site with a mixed use development and under ground parking for over 3,000 automobiles.