Commercial Focus Advisory Services

Commercial Focus Advisory Services


York Region Transit GIS Bus Stop Database

Services Provided

  • Collected a database with all bus stops and their attributes.
  • Categorized the different categories of bus stops according to the type of stop (Shelter, U-Channel Post, Wood Post, etc.).
  • Created different layers to report bus stops on georeferenced street maps according to their location (On Street/At Street).
  • Generated bus stops and bus route maps for each municipality of the Region.
  • Overlaid other infrastructure and administrative information (Airports, Railroads, Schools, etc.).
  • Prepared digital photos of each stop were taken and linked to the stop.

Additional ancillary functions of the GIS

  • Route planning and analysis
  • Bus stop and facility inventory
  • Management decision making
  • Accident reporting and analysis
  • Demographic analysis and route structuring
  • Ridership analysis and reporting

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