Commercial Focus Advisory Services

Commercial Focus Advisory Services

Environmental Impact Assessments

The foundation of our environmental team is built upon our expertise in environmental impact assessment and natural resource evaluation. Environmental impact assessment projects have included evaluations of the physical, natural and socio-economic environments for projects within Ontario, across Canada and internationally.

As a part of all environmental assessment projects our team identifies all issues and environmental components which may influence the success of the undertaking. We establish spatial, temporal, and jurisdictional boundaries in order to evaluate the effects of the undertaking on the surrounding environment. Through background review, specialized field surveys, and agency/public communications, we describe the existing physical, natural and socio-economic conditions of the project study area. Our team then assesses the magnitude, spatial extent, duration, and significance of potential effects on the existing and future environmental conditions. Project alternatives are reviewed in light of existing environmental conditions in order to establish potential impacts/condition changes which may result from these alternatives. Finally, we provide recommendations for proposed mitigation and outline any commitments for future environmental work.

Environmental Site Assessment

Our team provides the expertise to complete both Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) for commercial, private, public, industrial, residential or agricultural properties.

A Phase I ESA reduces the uncertainty regarding possible environmental liabilities when purchasing and/or developing property. The ESA is used to assist the vendor, purchaser or developer in making informed decisions regarding property transactions and regulatory requirements. Our team will help the proponent to make an informed decision regarding all land acquisition and/or development by providing an extensive review of all existing historical environmental information pertaining to the subject, as well as surrounding properties. This will allow our team to determine past ownership and if any previous contamination occurred on site. In addition to the background research, our team performs a thorough on site investigation of the current property conditions and also conducts any necessary interviews with local landowners. Once all ESA requirements have been completed a report on our findings is issued to the proponent.

Phase II ESA‚s confirm and delineate the presence of contamination on a property. Quantitative baseline data for environmental site conditions are acquired by our staff through soil and ground water sampling. Our team will perform an analysis of the data obtained and provide any recommendations for site clean up to the proponent.

Environmental Inspection and Contract Administration

To facilitate the construction of infrastructure and private development projects, our team provides expertise in environmental inspection and contract administration. Typical initiatives which require this service include the construction of roadways, buildings, subdivisions, marina and dock facilities, and recreational facilities.

By working closely with project proponents, construction contractors, and environmental regulatory agencies, our team helps to ensure that construction assignments meet all relevant provincial and federal environmental legislative requirements. Our involvement allows projects to proceed without costly time delays, and helps avoid fines resulting from environmental non-compliance, and allows the project proponent or construction contractor to exercise due diligence in the event of an accident. We examine environmental sensitivities on-site, and provide the following documentation and/or notification:

  • operational constraints for work around sensitive environmental features
  • acquisition of necessary permits
  • development of plans for water and dust control, waste disposal, and excess material management
  • material use, location, installation, and operational constraints for erosion and sediment control measures
  • operational constraints and environmental protection measures for watercourse relocation, temporary crossings, in-water works, pipe or culvert removal, and overall watercourse/fisheries protection
  • development of an environmental protection plan for winter construction