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Commercial Focus Advisory Services

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Real Estate Valuation/Appraisal Services

If you require an independent estimate of the value of your real estate property or interest, Commercial Focus Advisory Services can provide you with the answers. We provide clients with the valuation of individual commercial real estate properties.

At Commercial Focus Advisory Services, we understand the importance of timely delivery and concise, well-written reports, formatted to meet the needs of individual clients. And because our core of accredited appraisers and analysts have the opportunity to draw on in-house planners, economists and architects, their work reflects a comprehensive understanding of the many real world variables that significantly impact value. Our valuation professionals value a comprehensive range of properties, including shopping centres, retail properties, office towers, industrial plants, apartment buildings, hotels and recreation properties.

Investment decisions related to the value of real estate are not easy given today's continuously changing regulatory environment and rapid fluctuations in the marketplace. Many factors that can affect the value of your property must be considered, including income tax, property tax, land development guidelines, market and economic conditions and environmental issues.

Products and services to achieve your vision

Our valuation experts use consultation, appraisal and investment analysis to establish the value of your property. Typically, this includes:

  • Developing pro-forma projections using our proprietary databases, industry benchmarks, network of contacts and extensive market knowledge;
  • Conducting detailed cash flow analyses of investment portfolio income streams; and
  • Recommending property value enhancements, such as cost reduction, revenue generating initiatives and/or advising on changing land use guidelines.


Lorenzo B. Di Gianfelice, B.A.A., AACI